Search for a golf course and watch tee-to-green narrated aerial videos on your mobile device before you play each hole.

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BirdieChirp’s ‘See It Before You Tee It.™’ is a media destination showcasing golf course flyover tours on a myriad of golf clubs nationwide. Golfers can quickly watch tee-to-green drone videos of each hole on their mobile device throughout their golf round. This invaluable visual aid offers a truly unique experience and provides players with a better overview of the golf course and how to effectively navigate each hole.

As technology advances, people look for more innovative solutions to access and utilize important information. Half a century ago, golfers relied on painted sidewalk stripes and talented caddies to provide relevant course information that would give them a competitive edge. Today, rangefinders, GPS and countless golf gadgets promise better solutions to deliver course information such as accurate distance, terrain undulations, course hazards, wind conditions and more. BirdieChirp is leading the way capturing the most prestigious golf courses in stunning 4K detail while providing professional narrated descriptions of each golf hole, making it easier to negotiate each hole.

BirdieChirp’s premium golf video tours vividly bring courses to life offering spectacular birds-eye views of the fairways & greens coupled with valuable tips & considerations to help golfers confidently approach each hole. See golf courses in a whole new dimension and join the other players enjoying the benefits of our completely complimentary golf aid — See It Before You Tee It™.


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